Frequently Asked Questions

Does the plan consider economic development in Wyoming as a result of enhanced rail?

Yes, WYDOT recognizes that enhanced rail and intermodal connectivity has the potential to increase employment opportunities, manufacturing, and much more. The economic development associated with rail improvements is included within the intent of the plan.

I am supportive of passenger rail in the State of Wyoming because it could increase safety, tourism, accessibility, and more. Is WYDOT involved in existing passenger rail efforts that may connect Wyoming with surrounding states?

Yes, WYDOT is an active stakeholder at all Colorado Front Range Passenger Rail meetings and is monitoring the recently formed Montana coalition as well. These efforts are outlined in Chapter 3.

Are there plans to improve safety?

Yes, the intent of WYDOT’s annual apportionment of Section 130 funds is to bring safety improvements. This may include adding safety devices at crossings, such as active warning devices, improved line of sight, signs and markings, and concrete surfacing. The state railroad coordinator is receptive to public input on potentially problematic locations.

Can WYDOT regulate the length of the trains?

While train length is an ongoing topic at the federal level, it is currently up to the individual Railroad and not WYDOT. WYDOT agrees that longer trains could cause more problems to the motoring public, including excess crossing occupation.

Can WYDOT enact legislation that requires all trains are operated by two certified crew?

This is a legislative issue and has been brought before the legislature within the last few years. Most recently, this labor-related bill was sponsored into the 2019 legislative session. WYDOT recommends contacting your local legislator regarding any ongoing efforts related to the formerly proposed legislation.